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From the first Hypercard demo I created for the University of California Presidents Office in 1994, to the last eLearning project I created for Google, I've been sold on the computer's power as a tool for exploration and the computer's power to teach. Here are some recent examples of my work. Enjoy!

eLearning Course Samples


Using a day-in-the-life story line and questions to drive the display of learning content

Using text, animation, images, and a quiz to teach a business process.


Using  a video See It mode, an interactive Learn It mode, and an assessment Do It mode to teach application tasks.

Desktop application example of application training using the See It, Try It, Do It design.

Design ideas


A pretest can determine what content to present and which questions to include in the post test.

Animation, text, and audio can be used to create engaging compliance training.


Using simulated video and an "eye shadow color blending" interaction to teach, provide practice, and assess the use of color theory in eye-shadow.


Learn, analyze and interpret key information in an on-line document


Using high-res images and layering to teach dental anatomy.

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